• Warm Up:
  • active mobility
  • then:
  • 400m Row for time
  • x2
  • Strength:
  • Front Squat
  • 4x4
  • WOD:
  • 12min AMRAP
  • 35 DU's
  • 15 DB Push Press
  • 10 Burpees


Warm Up:Med Ball DrillsStrength:DeadliftHang Squat CleanSplit Jerk-work up to heavy setWOD:21-15-9OH SquatsBox JumpsT2B


Warm Up:10 band pass throughs and pull aparts10 Good mornings10 alt reverse lunges with twist10 leg lowers with bandx3WOD:20 KB Swings10-9-8-7...Push...


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Thrustersmax set of 2WOD:40 Thrusters 65/9510 Pull Ups30 Thrusters20 Pull Ups20 Thusters30 Pull Ups10 Thrusters40 Pull...


Warm Up:Foam Roll, MobilizeStrength::7 single arm KB Step Ups1 TGU each hand5-8 Ring Dips4 roundsWOD:80 Mtn. Climbers60 Ball Slams400m Row 3...


Warm Up:1 min Plank30 leg raises1 min Push Ups30 KB SDHPx3WOD:10 Cals Assault Bike:8 Bench Press AHAP4 Heavy Tire Flips1-2 Rope Climbs6 rounds


Warm Up:Jog Block or row 80010 Reverse Plank Bridges10 Body weight windmills10 Prisoner kneeling to Standx2Strength:8/8 Seated DB Press10/10 CrossBody...


Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Back Squat 8x2 4x22x2WOD:Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds5 pull Ups10 G2OH (35/50)15 Jump Squats20 KB Swings


Warm Up:4 Inchworms with Rotation6 shin box with hip extensionmax Hollow rocksx3Strength:Press 3x5Push Press 5x5WOD:5 HSPU200m run10 Burpees100m...


6/20Warm Up:1 minute Stations2 roundsJump Rope - singlesMonster WalksBent Knee sit upsPlankLunge with...


6/19/2020Warm Up:Foam RollBanded Shoulder MobilityKneeling Hip Stretchthen:10 Bridges5 Inchworms with Rotation10 Light KB Swingsx3WOD:Cindy...


6/18/2020Warm Up:Hip mobility / Shoulder mobility (5 minutes)+3 rounds for quality:3 Kettlebell Arm Bars; each side6 Forward Foot Elevated Split...


9am today  ?Kelly?


Warm Up:5 OH KB Squats10 Alt Reverse Lunge KB Pass Thru20 See Saw Squatsx3Strength:Push Press + Push Jerk + Split JerkWOD:20 Swings20 Floor KB Chest...


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