• 9/28
  • Warm Up:
  • 100m Run
  • 10 Suma Squats with PVC
  • 10 Squat to Stand
  • 10 SL DL with PVC or Empty Bar
  • 8 min AMRAP
  • Strength:
  • 3 DL from Risers (heavy)
  • 4 Banded DL (moderate)
  • 5/5 SL DL DB (mod heavy)
  • 3-4 rounds for Quality
  • WOD:
  • 3-9-15-9-3
  • Deadlift (135/185)
  • Box Jumps
  • ** 7 Body weight Bridges after each DL & BJ


Warm Up:Foam Roll200m Row10 Body Blastersx2Strength/Skill:Ring Muscle UpsWOD:15min AMRAP12/15 Cals Assault Bike12 Ring Dips7 DB TGU


9/25Warm Up:Active Mobility"bring Sally up"Partner WOD: "Manion"7 rounds for time400m Run (together)29 Back Squats (95/135#)His story: First...


Warm Up:5 mins CardioCoach Led Warm UpStrength:4 rounds3 Snatch Pulls6 Box JumpsWOD:Every 3 mins for 5 rounds36 DU'sMax Reps - 1 Snatch +1 Hang...


9/23Warm Up:Coach Led Active MobilityPlank GameStrength:Pistols 12-20x4Lateral Hand Stand Wall Walk 4-8 steps x4WOD:12min AMRAP3 HSPU6 T2B9 Hand...


9/22Warm Up:Foam Roll - Band MobilityCoach led core warm upStrength:Glute Bridge 15-12-9-7-5Feet Elevated Side Plank Hip Drop - max x3Glute Plate Walk...


9/21Warm Up:Coach Led MobilityStrength/WOD Prep:Thrusters 3x4Kipping Pull Ups 3-6x4"Fran Prep"4-6 Thrusters4-6 Pull Ups200m...


Warm Up:Foam Roll12min 100m Run5/8 Cals Assault Bike5/8 Cals RowStrength:3-4 Rounds4 Parallette Shoot ThroughsGym Length Back Rack Barbell...


9/18Warm Up:Group Dynamic Warm UpLong Jump ContestStrength:1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 OHSBuild to Heavy #Run 100m After each setWOD:4RFT9 Squat Snatch...


9/17Warm up:PVC DrillsRowlingStrength:EMOM 12 min - alternating4-6 Candlesticks4-8 Archer Ring Push Ups6-10 GHD Back ExtensionsWOD:12min AMRAP7...


9/16Warm Up:Coach led - see notesStrength:SL KB DL (supported)Bridge Walk Outs5x3Standing Band Hip Abductions 10-15x3WOD:For Time:50 Wall Ballrest 1...


9/15Warm Up:Coach Led Banded MobilityGymnastics:A: Bar Muscle UpsB:Single Leg T2B4 sets of eachWOD:EMOM 15 min - 3 rounds1. Max Pull Ups  - Chest...


9/14Warm Up:10 Perfect Stretches10 MB Cleans with Pause3-4 Rounds Coaches Call Clean Warm UpStrength:Every 30 Secs for 10 Rounds - Alternate1 Slow...


9/13Warm Up:Foam RollSee Coaches NotesStrength:4 rounds1-3 Wall Walks9 DB  Bench Press45 sec Cardio - easy paceWOD:For Time:30 SA DB Power Snatch...


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