• 7/23
  • Warm Up:
  • Mobility and Rowling
  • Strength:
  • 4 sets
  • 2 weighted eccentric Pull Ups
  • 20 sec Ring Side Plank
  • WOD:
  • 15min AMRAP
  • 4 Strict Pull Ups
  • 7 Double DB Hang Power Clean (35/50)
  • 10 DB Push Ups
  • ** rest 30 secs


7/21Warm Up:Foam RollJog BlockActive MobilitySkill/Strength:Hand Stand Push UpsParallette/Rings L-SitPartner WOD:AMRAP 25 mins200m SandBag Carry150...


Warm Up:Coaches callStrength:3 sets 25Ft SA OH DB march each side3 sets 10 Sec SL Extended Reverse Plank Bridge each sidePush Jerk 4x4WOD:21 Db hang...


7/17Warm Up:Foam Roll+ 3 rounds3 Paralette Shoot throughs4 Kip Swing + Kip Pull Up50 foot walking lunges6/6 Single Arm KB SwingsWOD:"Helen"3RFT400m...


7/16Warm Up:MobilizeStrength:Bench Press 16-12-8-6Hanging L-Sit 10-20 sec hold x4WOD:"Death by Burpee"EMOM2 Barbell Roll Outs + 4 Burpees over Bar


7/15Warm Up:Foam Roll3 rounds Core Warm Up8 Bird Dogs10 Crab Toe Touches20 Sec Side Hollow Hold1 gym Length Death March6 DB Power Snatches each...


7/14Warm Up:Jog Block2 roundsHip Stretch 20 secs10 Prone Scap Retractions10 SA down dogsx2Strength:Power Clean 3x4Legles Rope Climbs 1-2x4Side...


7/13Warm Up:Coach Led MobilityStrength:Barbell Hip Thrust 6x5Lateral Handstand Walk 4-6 steps x 5WOD:12min AMRAP3 Wall Walks or 12 Hand release Push...


7/12Warm Up:Foam Roll400m Jog Together+ 2 rounds30 Jump Jacks10 Lunge with TwistWOD 1:500m Row for Time30 Cals Assault Bike for TimeWOD 2:7 Feet...


7/10Warm Up:Coaches Call Dynamic DrillsStrength:Pistols 10x4Parallette Frog Stand 10 secs x 4WOD:Open 18.2 & 18.2a


7/9Foam Roll - MobilizeStrength:10-9-8...1KB Swings (72/53)Sit Ups200m Run after each set18min CapFinisher:Banded Bicep Curls 15x3Seated OH DB Tricep...


7/8Warm Up:group stretch400m runPulling warm upStrength:4 Banded Strict MU's4 Parallette shoot throughs - one leg off ground10-20 Sec Side...


7/7Warm Up:Foam Roll"Squat Flow"20 Walking Lunges with RotationStrength:Back Squat 2x5Unilateral Farmers Carry - Gym Length each sideWOD:6-9-12-15DB...


7/6Warm Up:Foam RollBand Pull ApartsHang from Bar10 Sprawlsx3Strength:SA DB Snatch 5x5SA DB Bent over Row 4x5WOD:15min AMRAPBear Crawl Gym Length25...


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