• 12/3
  • Warm Up:
  • 10 Sec Plank, 10 Sec Extended Plank
  • 5 Supported SL DB Deadlift each side
  • 3 SA DB OH Squat with pause at low spot
  • x3
  • C&J Warm Up
  • Strength:
  • 3x4 C&J with pause at both catching spots - keep it clean
  • 4 sets Running Wall drill w/6 switches
  • WOD:
  • For time:
  • 400m Run
  • 21 Burpee Box Jumps
  • 9 Power Clean & Jerks (95/135)
  • 200m Run
  • 15 Burpee Box Jumps
  • 6 PC&J
  • 100m Run
  • 9 Burpee Box Jumps
  • 3 PC&J
  • cap 20min


12/2Warm Up:Mobilitythen:4 mins each station - 45 on 15 offRowerSki ErgAssault BikeWOD:3-4 Sets12 Glute Bridge DB Bench Press12 DB Deadlift12 Dead...


12/1Warm Up:4 rounds5 KB Goblet Squats +5 sec hold at bottom5 KB Hike Passes10 secs Hanging Scapular Hold20 secs Front Plank HoldStrength:1+1/4 Front...


Warm Up:8 Banded Pass Throughs8 OH Squats8 Ring Rows100m Run or 150m Rowx3Strength:5 set Snatch Complex1 pausing high hang squat snatch1 pausing hang...


11/25Warm Up:Foam Roll3 rounds15 Sec Hold Shoulder Ext Plank15 sec Hold Single Leg Bridge10 Sec Single Arm Down DogSkill/Strength:Kipping Hand Stand...


11/24Warm Up:Joint Prep RoutineSide Plank KB Arm BarSeated Snatch Grip Behind the neck PressKB TatersStrength/Skill:Snatch Balance 3x3Hollow Body...


11/23Warm Up:Foam Rollthen:10 MB Deadlift10 MB Snatches10 MB Squats10 MB Push Press10 Jumps Over MBx2Strength:EMOM 16 min1. SA DL + 25ft Farmers Carry...


11/21Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:SA DB OH Squat 3x3SL Broad Jump 8x3 (alt Legs)WOD:30-20-10SA DB Clean & Jerk (35/50)Box Jumpsrest 3...


11/20Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Deadlift 3x4 (75-80%)Ring Face Pull 6-8x4WOD:"Modified Barbara"9/15 Strict Pull Ups25 Sit Ups40 Band Glute Bridges4...


11/19Warm Up:Lat StretchAdductor stretch on boxTin Soldier march Wrist MobilityWall Walks - slow, controlled and pausing in 3 posx2Skill:EMOM 2...


11/18Warm Up:Foam RollMobilityStrength:Clean High Pull3x4Partner WOD:3RFT1000m Row OR 60 cals Assault Bike40 KB Swings (70/53)20 Hang Power Cleans...


11/17Warm Up:Foam Roller work on legs (5 minutes) + 3 rounds (mobility and activation) - 10 secs Slit Stance positional breathing, each side (arms...


11/16Warm Up:Coaches Call Full Body Warm upSnatch Warm Up 1013-6 Parallette Push upsStrength:Snatch Complex3 Snatch Grip DL2 Hang Power SnatchDouble...


11/14Warm Up:Coaches CallStrength:Deadlift 3x3 (tempo eccentric)HandStand Floaters 6-8x3Broad Jumps 4x3WOD:AMRAP 13mins25 Deadlifts (50% PR)25 Wall...


Warm Up:Banded Shoulder Mobility 20 Band Air Squats for quality20 Band Abduction Presses20 Band Glute BridgesWOD 1:12min EMOMFeet Elevated Ring...


11/12Pulling Warm UpSkill:3 rounds1 - 3 position T2B2 Strict MU or Jumping6 Heavy KB Hike PassWOD:12min AMRAP1,2,3...T2B or Toes to RingsKB Swings...


Happy Veterans Day11 Rounds for Time400m Run11 DB Thrusters (30/50)11 Burpees


11/10Warm Up:20 Banded Deadlifts15 Band Pass throughs10 SA KB DL each side5 Plank to SA Down Dog each sideStrength:Deadlift 1x5 - set new PRWOD:2...


11/9Warm Up:Foam Roll+Couch StretchWorlds Greatest StretchBird DogsSkill:3 roundsDuck Walk Gym lengthHinge single arm Band RowCrab Walk Gym...


11/7Warm Up:Perfect Stretch 30-40 Glute Bridges30 secs HS HoldWOD Prep:DB Squat Clean 3x3 Hand Release Burpees 3x4run 100m Squat Clean...


11/6Warm Up:Active Total Body Warm UpStrength:Single Arm Ring Row 5x4 each armDeadlift with slow decent 3x4 WOD:Teams of 32000m Rowingor100 cal...


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